The Boat is Sinking II

It started one fine day. Everybody thought it was just gonna be another boring day in their lives. The thermometer read 22.6 C, the rest of the country sleeping and a few agents were engaged in a call. Yes, everyone thought it was gonna be just another boring day in their call center job.

Something was not right however. Something very wrong was about to happen. The team leader of the top team on the floor was nowhere to be found. Everybody went on though with their boring work thinking that the entire week was gonna be just another boring week.

A week past though, several rumours have emerged and that was the beginning of the end.

The account supervisor of the account which I work for was actually the girlfriend of our team leader and this person encountered some problems with her constituents. This resulted to the supervisor's suspension which made the team leader abandon his post (with permission).

The top team's morale was really low during those days. A lot of negativity hindered the team to achieve their goals.

A few days after, the new senior account manager imposed martial law on the entire account, removing basic privellages like bathroom breaks, and in between call breaks, pushing the hold time threshold to 30 seconds, an disallowing browsing of websites (even those work related). All these stuff plus a few other ridiculous rules made discontentment in the account rise to the limit.

For a week, a lot of my teammates resigned and went to other call centers. That a really sad moment in my life. Our team leader resigned before that week.

I on the other hand seeked to transfer to another account. You see, this is my first job and I didn't want it to be a stain on my record. I'd like to say that I have at least stayed for a year in my present company.

For now, most of the people who have held on to the ropes are just waiting for the account to pull out. Right now, they are all hoping to get a huge separation pay if in case and when the account closes.

The boat is sinking but for many, the chance to loot the ship is just too hard to resist.

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