A Visit from the Dead

I remember this dream that I had a long time ago (actually just right after my grandma passed away). In this dream I was with my grandma. She was wearing a long fluffy night gown. I said fluffy because I could actually feel it rubbing against my bare knees. Yes, the two of us were dancing. The feeling that I had while we were dancing was elation. It was like being hugged by so many people at the same time and floating on clouds. The feeling was actually so real that (when I woke up), I realized that I was almost in tears. After a few moments of staring into blank space, I remembered that prior to that encounter with my grandma, I dialled this certain number on our telephone. Immediately, I got up and reached for the phone. I dialled the number and of course I got a signal which meant that the number is unrecognizable. However, the feeling that I had was just so real that it managed to make me try and dial that number even though in my mind I knew that nothing would happen. In fact this dream was almost like a vision that I actually even remembered the number that I dialled. Normally, I would forget the whole dream let alone little details.

I also recall this dream that I had which takes place in a beach. Unlike the dream I had about my grandma (which took place just some days after her death), this one had my aunt in it and it took place already a year after her death. Her 'appearance' in this dream was short. I was actually swimming in this beach with lots of people around. There was sort of a 'tiangge' going on. Then when I came out of the water, I realized that I didn't have clothes on. Later on, I saw my aunt (who died of cancer) and she told me 'tutulungan kita' or I will help you. What's weird is that this occurred when I was in my junior year of college (probably one of my lowest moments).

As kids, we were always exposed to stories of the dead visiting you in your dreams. The skeptical me actually do not believe that this dreams were actually visits from the dead. However my heart (which has a mind of its own hehe), does. My heart says that these were actually communications from my loved ones.

Anyone out there with the same experiences? I'd love to hear your story.