PR Mania

The past few days my website for Filipino writers hasn't been doing well. From an average of 1000 visitors every day, it's now down to just 500 visitors a day. At first I thought maybe it was the upgrading and changes that I did. But I couldn't figure out which change triggered the massive drop. My other theory is that maybe the drop is a seasonal thing. Usually, I would find the number of my visitors falling during weekends (primarily because people are out on weekends). So I thought that the drop was influenced by the semestral break. Maybe students are on vacation. And then I learned about the Google dance. The Google dance is apparently something that happens when your PR is being updated. You get turbulent stats for your websites during the update. But after the update, all goes back to normal. Just a couple of minutes ago, I found my page rank updated. Although I am not sure if this is final already. These are the new page ranks of my websites: - 2 from 0 - 3 from 2 - 2 from 0 - 2 from 0 - 4 from 1

What makes me doubt that these data being final is the fact that even my sites which has little to no backlinks at all now has a pr of 2. Anyway, I am hoping that what happened (drop in visitors) was just a result of the PR update.

What I am sure is that the drop in visitors comes from organic traffic (yahoo and google). I compared my stats in October 10 (when I got 1000+ visitors) and yesterday. Apparently most keywords which brought me a lot of traffic last October 10 are now bringing me none. As a result I am also compelled to think that the drop is due to the semestral break. You see a lot of those keywords which brings visitors to the site are homework related (e.g. Filipino writers, filipino poems, etc)