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Last week I saw streamers around town advertising a job offer which includes free fare, board, training, and medical exam. In the streamer it said that the job was for Qinteraction (now Rain Maker). Anyway, the word 'free' in the streamer caught my attention. I thought, what the hell? So I went to their office one afternoon. I was then given a written exam which had the letters GQE in it which had me wondering. The exam was not so good (meaning it didn't properly evaluate applicants on their English skills). After the girl checked my paper, I was so disappointed 'coz I only got 70 correct answers out of 85 possible correct answers. My mom said it was a good score already but I knew I could do better. Why did they have to give an exam on super basic English anyway? I have already forgotten all about those rules and stuff.

After the written exam, I was interviewed by their accent trainer. Luckily, I usually tend to adopt the accent of the person I am talking to. So he talked to me in his really American accent and I tried my best to copy. One thing I realized from that interview was that I tend to talk like freagin' American teenager which is probably a result of watching too many American shows.

In my resume, I wrote that I could speak Spanish. I was really caught off guard when the interviewer asked me to speak in Spanish. My first few sentences were really gibberish. But I didn't care. I remember an online friend telling me that usually interviewers would just see if you are confident in speaking the language. So I didn't stay long with the ummms and proceeded to saying just about anything that came out of my mouth. The result: a battered Spanish.

This is more or less what I said (I was asked to give a brief introduction of myself in Spanish):

Mi nombre es Jerome. Colecto postes en las horas que no ocupado. Hace mucho hora en la computadora. Mis padres son empleyados del govierno. Mi hermano esta en Manila y trabajas en uno centro de llamada.

It should've been: Mi nombre es Jerome. Recojo postes. Esta siempre en la computadora. Mis padres son empleyados del govierno. Mi hermano esta en Manila y trabaja en uno centro de llamada. (I'm not even sure if this is correct lol)

The interview went really well and I was asked to come back for a phone interview.

When I went back I found myself with 6 other people who were there for the phone interview as well. This time I was nervous. I didn't know why. Maybe it was the fact that we had to wait for almost an hour.

The phone interview didn't go so well. If I were the one making the interview, I probably wouldn't have passed the interview. Luckily, I was told that Qinteraction looks for 80% attitude and 20% skills. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

By the way, at that point (after the phone interview), I learned that I was in the GQE training center. Their clients include Rain Maker, Convergys, Epldt etc. We actually had scholarships Apparently, Rain Maker would be paying for our training at GQE. I'm not sure who would be paying for the board, and fare which was also free according to them.

The first two days of the training was really great. I learned a lot and I enjoyed myself. The problem began on the third day. I arrived at the training center finding a commotion outside. Apparently, someone announced that we were required to buy a book from GQE. Most of the students were mad 'coz we weren't told about it on the first day of the training. I wasn't because I still have my original plan which I could always go back to.

At that precise moment, I realized that we had no assurance that the free board , free training and free fare would just be deducted from our salary once we get hired. We also had no assurance that we're not gonna be forced to buy something towards the end of the training.

I also hated the trainer who made a big deal of me being a quiet person. He also treated me like a kid which is so unprofessional. It's not that I am unfriendly. It's just that I like to maintain a professional distance between me and my mentors. Anyway, being reserved is not going to make me a bad call center representative. Maybe an outgoing attitude can help you for sales call but let's not forget that we never see the person we are talking to and so being shy during a telephone call is impossible. I am shy around people but I'm not gonna be dealing with people face to face if I'm going to work in a call center.

Well that incident did it for me. I decided to stop going there. It just wasn't worth it. I can be fluent in Spanish even with minimal training (since I already know the basics and I speak Chabacano). I have good computer skills. I am very patient with people. I may not be that articulate but my English is above average. I am a good writer - be it creative or technical. As far as I'm concerned, it's their loss.

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