Remember the Betrayal

It is half a century ago when America deceived the Filipinos.

Shortly after Japan bombed Pearl Harbour, they attacked the Philippines (mainly because she was a possession of USA at that time). General Mc Arthur ( described by William Manchester as one of the most gifted men-at-arms the US has produced) was in charge of protecting the Philippines against the Japanese.

Three weeks after the world war II, president Benjamin Franklin told the Filipinos that help was coming.

General Mc Arthur and his men fought gallantly against the Japanese not knowing that help was never coming.

By January 1942, the Filipinos became desperate and angry. Although, Mc Arthur and his troops have successfully vied for time, the Japanese were still gaining ground in their campaign.

The aid that America promised never arrived.

When Australia discovered that Japan will be attacking them, they asked their troops to return from Africa. When Churchill and Franklin learned of this, they decided to send American troops to Australia not wanting to lose their best soldiers.

The American troops that Mc Arthur desperately needed finally arrived, not to save the Filipinos, but to be sent to Australia.

Fellow Filipinos, let us not forget this part of our dark history with America.

Tomorrow, as we commemorate the Philippine Independence from Spain, let us not forget the heroes of the past and the treacherous inhumanity that we experienced under the United States of America.