No TV!!!

Yes, you read right, no television.

That's what I have been doing for three days now. According to some studies, television can shorten ones attention span. Several articles also say that watching television a few hours before sleeping is not recommended because this can lower the quality of your sleep.

It is for these reasons that I have decided (at least on weekdays) not to watch TV. Aside from those reasons mentioned above, I realized that watching TV every night takes an average of two hours from me every night (which could very well be spent for studying).

For three days I have not watched the idiot box. Instead I concentrated on studying spanish.

Weekends though would be my tv days. I like watching the news more than reading it.

Anyway, I am making incredible progress in my quest to speak spanish como un nativo. It is very hard but thanks to my knowledge in Chabacano, I don't have much difficulty when it comes to the vocabulary.

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