Habla Espanol?

I am from the ciudad de flores, ciudad de Zamboanga. We speak a Spanish creole called Chabacano. Chabacano is 90% Spanish and 10% Tagalog and Bisaya. Recently, I decided to learn a third language. I chose to learn Spanish because of the fact that I know how to speak Chabacano. I figured I won't have too much trouble with the vocabulary.

During the course of learning Spanish though, I discovered that this sudden desire to learn Spanish is also an urge to discover my Spanish roots. We all have Spanish roots (or at least most of us).

I was speaking to a online friend in a chat room the other day. I greeted him, "Hola, como esta?" I then got this reply, "Arriba, Arriba."

This experience proves that the once Spanish conversant Filipinos are now gone. Granted, the Spanish language fails in comparison to English in terms of utility. I myself am not fluent with Spanish primarily because there is no one to practice it with. Some might argue as well that it is just a language for the aristocrats.

Over the past few years, there have been a renewed interest to learn Spanish though . This is evident by the number of bring back-Spanish-campaigns initiated all over the web scape.

The thing with Spanish is (even though it is not the universal language) it is the second most widely spoken language.

In the USA, if you are a applying to be a nurse, Spanish proficiency is a very much sought after skill. Spain, which is hiring Filipino nurses would also like very much to hire a Spanish speaking nurse. According to an online friend, when you go to California (which is the number one destination in the US for Filipino nurses), Spanish would be very useful because there are many South Americans in that state.

If you work in the call center, you would find that being fluent in Spanish is a plus. Fluent Spanish speakers who work in the call center will see their salaries being 100% higher than the average call center employee who is only proficient in English.

Now I wonder why we ever dropped Spanish from the school curriculum. Haven't we ever perceived of it's advantages?

Habla Espanol? No? Aprenda!

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