Opposition---- We are Sorry...

The resurfacing of Garci might just warrant such a statement from the opposition.

Davao del Sur Representative Douglas Cagas and Isabela Representative Anthony Miranda said (in a joint statement) that it was bad karma for the opposition now that Garcillano had added a number of Solons on the list of those he has spoken to.

This will surely test the opposition's sincerity.

Will they succumb to traditional politics and shake Arroyo's hand in a show of national unity?

Will the criticisms from the opposition plaguing the Arroyo administration finally end now that they have the ace?

Let us take note that PGMA had already said: "I am sorry".

Even though, Garci denied talking to PGMA, it won't matter to the tele novela infested minds of the Filipinos. Through that admission, she had become the abused and thus gained sympathy.

Over the coming days, we would witness several denials and maybe (through a miracle) an admission. We would also learn whether the opposition was just using this issue to serve their political interests. But the most interesting thing to watch for is how PGMA would react to either a denial or an admission from the opposition. Filipinos would hope to see an action that would finally move the nation forward and start the healing process the president is talking about.

Whatever path she takes, her decision would definitely make or break her presidency.