23rd South East Asian Games in the Philippines- the aftermath

The 23rd South East Asian games just culminated in a dazzling display of fireworks and a wild over night party at the Quirino Grandstand.

The merriment stands amid the accusation of cheating by the Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on the Philippines.

Some politicians feel the title of over all champion the Philippines garnered in the SEAG is pointless without an apology from the Thai Prime Minister.

This question now arises: Why didn't this government press for an apology from the Thai Prime Minister when the nation's reputation is at stake?

Obviously, PGMA decided to play the situation diplomatically as always.

Now, let me go back to a past SONA by PGMA. I remember her uttering these words: Filipino First.

This statement was behind PGMA's decision to withdraw Filipino troops from Iraq in exchange for the freedom of a Filipino hostage in effect straining its celebrated relationship between the most powerful nation on Earth.

So is our relationship to Thailand very important to sacrifice national dignity? Or is this lack of enthusiasm over protecting her people an admission to the accusation made by the Thai Prime Minister?

As any rumor here in the Philippines, we may never know whether this accusation is true or false just as we may never know if PGMA cheated on the recent election.

As for the question whether Filipinos cheated in the SEAG, my opinion is no. As everyone may have heard, there were players who came from other countries (mostly from US and Europe) and they are most probably well-trained. Maybe even better than the athletes from sports giant Thailand. Then there's also the fact that the judges (whenever a Filipino athlete are playing) are never Filipino.

Understandably, Thailand was deeply disappointed on losing gold medals from sports they were very good at. But the fact is magagaling din talaga ang mga Pinoy! (Filipinos are great!)