Big Four Threatens Big Brother

With barely three days to go before the Big Finale, plans of voluntary exit plague Big Brother's house.

The extraordinary move comes after Big Brother announces that the housemate's clothes (unnecessary for the three remaining days until the Finale) would be burned, thrown, and torn apart.

An enraged Jason told Big Brother that he was willing to leave the house and lose the chance of winning 6 million pesos in prizes rather than strain his friendship with Uma (following an order from big brother to burn Uma's pants.

In a show of unity, Nene, Cass, and Uma joined Jason in his plan to voluntarily exit from Big Brother's house.

But of course, Big Brother does not hand out orders without any reason.

Apparently, Big Brother was testing the Big Four's trust on him. The pants which they thought was of Uma's turned out to be a dummy of the real one.

The Big Four failed this test miserably. Tomorrow, Big Brother is expected to make his decision regarding the matter.

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