Secret Recipe Cream Cake Review

I swore never to purchase anything from a group on website anymore when the Legends of India fiasco happened last year. However, as fate would have it, I will be giving the group on experience another chance. It was a few weeks ago when I was browsing the Cash Cash Pinoy website when I saw a really good deal that stood out among the others. A lot of the deals on group on websites are usually offered by unknown business groups that you just have to wonder about their products but the one which I saw was offered by a well-known restaurant called Secret Recipe.

To clarify, Cash Cash Pinoy is not among the bad group on websites with their bad customer service. When I referred to my Legends of India experience (courtesy of Cash Cash Pinoy) as a fiasco, I meant that the restaurant food was not really good. And because of this, I felt like Legends of India was offering lousy food to us simply because we dined there at a discounted rate. It is sort of like some hotel guests feeling like they’ve been given a bad room simply because they booked through a third party website like Orbitz and Travelocity. Whether or not the food was really bad at Legends of India (regardless of whether they’re offering it to group on customers or non group on customers is another story. I guess I also had my expectations really high that time since I was expecting New Bombay Restaurant quality Indian food, which I have to say was quite superb.

Going back to my Secret Recipe experience, I have to say that it was much better than my Legends of India experience. What really set apart my Secret Recipe experience was the awesome customer service which I experienced. There was never any opportunity for me to feel like I was being discriminated upon simply for buying their cake at a discounted price.

So how do I rate the Secret Recipe cake? Hmmm. This is a tricky one. I guess I am used to the cakes at Red Ribbon and Goldilocks which are so rich because the Secret Recipe cake was very mild in flavour to me (READ bland). I can say that texture was good though and the presentation was classy. Judging from some comments I have read on other blogs regarding Secret Recipe, they are indeed bland and it wasn’t simply because I ordered the cake through Cash Cash Pinoy. My mom liked the cake though. She’s diabetic.

The thing with Secret Recipe is that it is not a home grown restaurant like Goldilocks and so the taste of their cakes isn’t really suited to the Filipino tongue. So will I ever buy Secret Recipe’s cream cakes at their regular price (which is 900 pesos)? Never in a million years.

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