Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken Restaurant Review

When my sister in law arrived from the US, I met up with her and my brother at SM MegaMall. As it turned out, they were having lunch at Peri Peri MegaMall branch when I saw them. Even though I wasn’t really hungry, I decided to try Peri Peri out. The first thing I noticed upon walking in at Peri Peri was the greeting of the staff which went like ola senhor. Apparently, the restaurant is Portuguese themed.

The restaurant was so crowded as it was a weekend. The service was fast though and the employees were friendly. The prices were a bit exorbitant though if you ask me. I ordered the chicken and some pasta. The chicken was grilled and tasted a bit similar to the chicken at pollo loco. The pasta was a bit too bland. I also took their offer of drinks and soup all you can at 49 pesos. I never tried the soup (which was pumpkin soup according to m brother) and only drank two glasses of Pepsi since I didn’t like to drink juice and the coffee offered came out of a Nescafe vendo which is present in almost all call centers so I left the coffee alone as well. I left without feeling neither satisfied nor dissatisfied since my expectation was never set high.
Two weeks after my brother texted me and told me that they went back to Peri Peri and that they discovered that Caramel Machiatto was being offered at Peri Peri in their drink and soup all you can package. He said that it was really good coffee and tasted almost like Starbucks coffee. That got me really excited and so my friend and I went there yesterday.

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Since I wasn’t really that hungry (again), I just ordered a chicken and some rice. I was going to make myself full with the unlimited soup (which was mushroom soup and chicken soup at that time) I thought.

Well my brother got it right this time. The Caramel Macchiato was really good. I actually tasted it just once at the office since it was twenty pesos a cup. It being unlimited, I drank about ten glasses of it.

I had a really great time since my friend was a really good conversationalist and we stayed there until about four in the afternoon when we ran out of things to talk about and I couldn’t take another sip more of my Caramel Macchiato. Their food though really is not their greatest selling point. I think most people go there more for the unlimited soup and drinks at only 40 pesos rather than the food or maybe it’s the ambiance.

Update: When I last went to SM Megamall, this restaurant no longer appeared to be operating. It still did appear in SM's mall map so I'm not sure if it's already closed.
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