Pork and Beans with Pata Recipe

I was missing my dad’s Pork and Beans with Pata, and so I decided to cook this dish myself one Saturday night.

My dad cooks extremely well that when my classmates eat at my house, they would think that our food was restaurant-bought. I also remember being very surprised when I ate at a different house for the first time and realizing that not everyone eats well like me and that not all dads cook well like mine does.

The first thing I bought for my Pork and Beans with Pata was the Pata. I bought three pieces of pata slices from Robinson’s, and it cost about a hundred pesos. This was my first time in buying pata so I didn’t know that it would cost this much. Next I bought two pouches of Hunt’s Pork and Beans. I noticed that the Hunt’s Pork and Beans pouch was cheaper than the one in cans. I guess tin costs a lot. Anyway, frugal me likes this a lot.

Then I bought some garlic, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes. The recipe handed down to me called for some sweet pepper, but forgetful me forgot to buy some. And last but not least is the tomato sauce. When it comes to tomato sauce, I think no brand makes tomato sauce better than Del Monte. So please, buy the Del Monte brand tomato sauce.

When I got home, I told my dad I was going to replicate his Pork and Beans with Pata in my house. My dad was back in Zamboanga city during this time. Towards the end of our phone conversation, my dad tells me not to forget to put sweet pepper and laurel leaves. I thought to myself, “wait a minute, there were no laurel leaves in the recipe them guys gave me when I left Zamboanga”.  And then I remember that it was my mom who gave me the recipe and not my dad.

So armed with my dad’s secret ingredient (the laurel leaves), I proceeded to cook some Pork and Beans with Pata. First thing that I did was sauté the garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Next were the potatoes and pata.

Here’s where I made some modifications to the recipe given to me by my mom. The recipe said just two teaspoons of tomato sauce but tomato addict me placed the entire pouch of Del Monte tomato sauce. It was the smallest size that you can buy if in case you were wondering. Then I placed three laurel leaves. The recipe also said to add water but I liked the sauce to be thick and strong so I didn’t. Then I added pepper and salt. I let it simmer and voila, it was ready.

My Pork and Beans with Pata turned out exactly as I wanted it to. The sauce especially was to die for since it tasted so tomatoey which was exactly what I wanted. Putting laurel leaves also was a good idea since it brought a different flavor to the dish and countered the strong tomato flavor.
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