The audacity of the little Davids is our only hope

That is the message of this new Lupang Hinirang music video directed by Mae Paner.

Mae Paner used to do product and political advertisements. Seeking for a higher purpose in life, she now wants to advertise patriotism and nation building.

The way the Loboc children's choir sang our national anthem in this music video is really good. The anthem was sang solo by a child who had that raspy whispering voice that cries innocence. That alone would make all the hairs in your body stand up.

The video begins with a child finding a beaten-up Philippine flag on the ground. He then sees a flag pole which is empty. Now, he tries to climb that pole and when he gets there, he waves the flag which he found.

Indeed, one of the many problems plaguing our nation is nationalism. Sure, we are very patriotic, but only some are nationalistic. Nationalism and patritiosm vary from each other greatly. The former loves his country because of what he thinks of it while the latter loves his country period. The nationalist will love his country because it is a superpower (e.g. USA), but the patriot loves his country not for what it is but simply because it is his country. We also as a people have a weak sense of nationhood. I guess this comes from the great proximity of one island from the other. Our being rationalistic also comes from the fact that the small pre-colonial barangays were not exactly friendly towards each other and had their own cultures.

Anyway, here is the video which I am raving about and I'm hoping that this makes us stop referring to each other as Mindanaons, Bisaya, Ilokano, Tagalog, Muslim, etc. We are Filipinos, period.

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