On the rise: Anti Americanism in the Philippines

There is increased hatred for Americans in the world today, especially among Arabs. This hatred is coming from a middle east which is increasingly embracing radical Islamism and its teachings.

However, would you believe me if I tell you that Anti Americanism also exists in the Philippines?

This new found hatred sources from some people who talk with Americans everyday over the phone. Yes, there is increasing hatred for Americans and ironically, they are coming from call centre agents.

I have a friend who (after working for five years in a big hospital in Manila) was finally granted the chance to work in the US. For most Filipinos nurses or Filipinos in general, this is the epitome of success. This friend, while processing her papers, decided to work in a call centre (not just to earn some money while out of work but also to improve her English). When she finally was finished with the processing of her papers, she admitted that she finds working in the USA not that attractive anymore. Yes, after months of talking with Americans, she was not anymore excited at getting a chance to live the American dream.

The reason behind this change of heart is her discovery of the true American. Not the American you see on TV. Not the American who is all smiles and good looking. And definitely not the American who is so nice and kind.

The true American is a racist. He is considered very rude in our culture. He is arrogant and self indulgent. And most shockingly, he is a sluggish thinker.

Another friend of mine told me this after a week on the job: “Kung nagtatake ka na ng calls, kamumuhian mo ang lahi nila.” (When you start taking calls, you will hate their race)

Indeed, after a few weeks of taking calls, my opinion of an American went from hero to zero.

Growing up, I was exposed to a huge dose of American propaganda namely, Hollywood.

Most of us Filipinos are “brainwashed” by Hollywood films into assuming that all Americans are rich, kind, and good looking. We fail to see the new America of today.

Today’s America is on the fall. Their economy is ailing. Their people lulled into a false sense of security by lying politicians.

There is no more reason for us Filipinos to be awed by this once incredible nation!

We of today are seeing a new golden age for Asia. China’s success is no secret, India is on the rise. Many Asian nations are seeing a rapid growth on their economies.

It is time to be proud of ourselves. It is time to rediscover our past and be awed by it. It is time to think of ourselves as Asians!

America will go down. Tomorrow, if not today. It is time to bid goodbye to this once great nation and to just let the spoils go to the victor.