Miguel Mendoza in Pinoy Dream Academy!

Yes, you read right. Miguel Mendoza from Philippine Idol is now in Pinoy Dream Academy.

The idol hopeful was on the top 4 of Philippine Idol and was battered with a lot of criticisms over his ability as a singer.

Now, Miguel is in another reality talent show (and again ) with one of the judges from Philippine Idol, Ryan Cayabyab. It would be fascinating to watch what kind of interaction would take place between the two given their past.

Another thing to watch for would be whether Miguel Mendoza has already improved on his singing. In Philippine Idol, the judges kept on telling him that he is too young for the competition and his voice is not yet 'ready'. He is now 18, and we shall see whether the increase in his age would mean an increase in his singing prowess.

Pinoy Dream Academy airs every weekdays at 9:30 PM (now defunct).

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