A taste of Manila

Yesterday my wallet was snatched while I was on a bus. It happened in a blink of an eye that I only realized it when I was already at the bus stop. My first thought was (upon realizing that I was robbed) was: Man, they are good!

You see I have been living all of my life in Zamboanga city, a place which does not house top notch snatchers. In that city, I would quickly notice when someone is trying to dig in my pocket or my bag. But man, the snatchers here are something else! I never felt a thing and didn't even realize that my wallet was gone until a minute and a half later.

Luckily, my wallet just contained two 20 peso bills and some coins. Not that big I know, but still hard earned money. Inside my wallet is also my TIN ID and my Medicard card which is such an inconvenience because now I would have to find out how I go about requesting for another medicard card and TIN ID.

When I first arrived here in Manila, I was always alert and aware of everything that is happening around me. And that is because of all the rumors regarding the notorious muggers of Manila. After a few months of being here, I have already decided to let my guard down, and I guess I just paid the price for it.

Well, right now I am again on guard all of the time. I didn't even bring my ATM card with me today because I am still traumatized by that incident.

I guess that was a lesson from up above telling me always to be on guard all of the time. Although it is pretty hard to be alert all the time especially when you are going to the office at around bedtime and leaving so early in the morning.

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