No more short orders!

When I moved from Balintawak to another part of Quezon City, the first thing that I did was to look for a good carinderia. You see, I am a person who loves to eat and thus it is important for me to be able to have a carinderia which I would be able to frequent and which suits my needs. Suiting my needs would mean: good food, good price, good customer service and good ambiance.

After a few days of searching and trying, I was able to find one. The food is almost good. The price is great. The ambiance is okay (at least better than most carinderias (this one looks almost like a restaurant). What I love about this particular place is that it allows me to eat good food at a low price. I could actually eat two dishes (one which consists of vegetables like pakbet and one which consists of meat like adobo) at only 30 pesos (and that is with rice included). The customer service is also really good and the people there would really make you feel at home.

Anyway, these past few days my carinderia (which I don't even know the name) already became a restaurant. When I arrived there, instead of pointing at my usual orders of pakbet and adobo, I was given a menu. I was pleasantly surprised at this carenderia's success. It is an example of a rags-to-riches story.

And even though their prices have gone up already, they have matched the increase in prices with an increase in the quality and quantity of the food that they are serving. Just yesterday I was able to eat restaurant quality pakbet (at 40 pesos) which is already good for two servings. And today I bought their MJ rice that is sort of a value meal (at 55 pesos). It has pansit, eggs, and fried chicken with it. What I did was I took the chicken for lunch and the pansit and the egg for dinner.

Well anyway, I just really love it when I see small time establishments become big. I get so inspired, and I tend to think big as well.