My Disease

Today the disease that has haunted me for the past two years have struck again. Yes, I have a disease, one of which I am not so proud of.

It began during my second year in college. It was during that time that I felt immense albeit manageable stress. Aside from eating, I have one other way of coping with stress and that is not going to school.

Yes, whenever I would feel like I can't take the stress anymore, I would just tune out from the world. I would stay home for an afternoon or a day and just (for a few moments in my life) be one with myself.

The relief I get from these momentary hidings is indeed great. So great that I consider it therapeutic.

It's not that I am running away from my problems. I know that I can never run away from them. I would call it 'taking a break'.

My disease struck back today. And yes, I am feeling relieved already.