A Realization

The sight that welcomed us at the City Health Office was horrific. What's worse was our clinical instructor wasn't able to brief us on the days task, physical set up, etc. In other words I was on my own. Of course the clinical instructor was there to help us but we were around 8 student nurses and she was just one person. So we had to use the skills we never developed but should have developed over the past three years.

After the consultation was over, it was over to the second floor to have a discussion. Before the discussion, our clinical instructor took the moment to point out our mistakes which was quite a handful. One of the things she mentioned that really hit me was the thing about us not showing care to the patients. She then asked us if we still remembered our patients. That was the hardest blow I think. You see, during these consultations our job is to assess the patients health status. Usually, I would experience forgetting who my patient is upon leaving them to get the b.p apparatus. Our clinical instructor said that this was a sign of not giving quality care to the patients.

Oh well. By the way, (it's not readable but below the words oficina de salud is an inscription which goes like this: nuestro deseo es un ciudad sin enfermedad (not exact words) which translates in english into Our wish is to have a city free from dieases. My initial thought was: Ese es un sueno imposible. That is an impossible dream.