From a Kapamilya to a Kapuso

In our house, the TV stays on ABS CBN. From the morning show up to the late night news program, the TV seems stuck on 3.

Lately however, there have been a sudden change in terms of TV wiewing trends at our house. My mom for one seems to favor the koreanovelas, Bakekang, Sis, and Fantaseryes of GMA over the teleseryes, Home Boy and Deal or no Deal of ABS CBN.

Meanwhile, I now prefer GMAs 24 Horas more than ABSs TV Patrol World. TV Patrol was just too much for me.

I don't like the fact that ABS CBN sensationalizes its news. A single case of meningococcemia is an outbreak for them. I'd much rather prefer GMAs style of reporting which is very unbiased and plain. I also sometimes go for NBNs Teledyaryo. That is what I would recommend watching for everyone who wish to know only the good news.

The Filipinos (even those from the provinces) are seemingly tired of the endless and very predictable telenoveles of ABS CBN. Interestingly, we are now going for the teleseryes that has substance and not just a feel good show. ABSs Maging Sino Ka Man is apparently a first teleserye for ABS which does not have a predictable and old story line.

Hopefully, ABS would come around. Already they are showing signs of following the trend of GMA teleseryes.

The idea of switching to another station is exciting. It is like exploring this other country which you've never been to.

What I love about this horse race (which GMA and Abs CBN is in) is that it proves that Filipinos know how to choose. They are not unintelligent and passive beings. They are capable of having excellent tastes.