My name is Jerome Herrera and I am passionate about a lot of things like web designing, history, writing, food, books, investing, personal finance and languages. I am currently in the process of discovering myself through this blog.

I initially started this blog to become my personal online journal. It was all supposed to be pointless ramblings. However, a few months after writing my initial entry, I started to write about my views on certain current events. I then branched out to writing how to-articles, and reviews. So if you would read this blog from start to end, you would see a mix of topics ranging from serious to light and thus its title. I hope you find what I write here informative and exciting.

I also have a blog dedicated to the Chabacano de Zamboanga language and it is called Bien Chabacano. I hope you'll visit it.

Thanks for taking interest.

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