Another Visit from the Dead

In my dream, my uncle was insisting that my friend give him this piece of cloth that she was holding. This friend of mine didn't want to give him that piece of cloth because it was given to her by a friend.

Then my aunt shows up in my bedroom. She is asking me to hurry up and to come to the porch right away because everyone will be leaving. Then I see my uncle. He was showing me a trick. It was a balancing act with a dumbbell and a stool. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at but my uncle looked real happy doing it.

Suddenly, I was covered in a shroud of tranquility, almost the same feeling I had a few days ago when I first dreamed about my uncle, but this time stronger and more vivid that the feeling stayed with me long after I woke up.

That peaceful feeling felt familiar. I recognized it as the same feeling that I had in a dream thirteen years ago when my grandmother died which I described here.

It has been about a month since my uncle died.

I wasn’t able to go home to attend the interment and I feel that the fact that he’s gone hasn’t sunk in yet. I think that the next time that I do go home, I would definitely still expect to find him alive. But it was weird that I should dream about him because I haven’t even been thinking much about him lately.

Another visit from the dead? Perhaps.

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