Real Time 2016 Philippine Elections Results (Partial and Unofficial)

While COMELEC's 2016 election results website will not provide a real time tally of all votes being received by their servers, it will allow us to see a real time tally of votes from individual precincts. If you wish to know the actual ranking of each candidate, you will need to add the election results from all the polling precincts. There are more than 90,000 precincts all over the country so good luck adding the election results from all those precincts. The reason why COMELEC is doing this is to avoid something called "trending".

Here is the link to COMELEC'S 2016 Election Results Website: will be providing real time results for the 2016 Philippine elections as well. Inquirer's election results website will show the real time OVER ALL ranking of all candidates for the presidential, vice presidential, and senatorial positions.

Here is Inquirer's 2016 Philippine Elections Results Website:

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