I am now a Registered Voter for the 2016 Elections

I was heading home when I decided to drop by the mall. When I got there, I saw a sign that said: COMELEC Election 2016 Registration. I remember seeing something about this on the news on TV. The news report, however, said that it is only for those who are registered in Mandaluyong. I assumed that this meant that it is for people who are reactivating their profiles with COMELEC and were registered in Mandaluyong. I remember feeling disappointed upon hearing this bit of information from the news report. So when I saw the sign at the entrance of the mall about the election 2016 registration, I didn't pay too much attention to it.

When I got to the registration area, I decided to explain to them my situation anyway and was pleasantly surprised when they told me that I could register for the 2016 elections right then and there.

I used to be a registered voter in Zamboanga city and voted in the 2006 elections. Because, I have not voted in two consecutive elections since then, my record was already deleted from the COMELEC system. I was surprised when the COMELEC officer read out the names of my mom and brother; it seems like those two have been doing their civic duty unlike me.

I think that the COMELEC has to really stress the fact that if you haven't voted in two consecutive elections, then you can already register as a new voter. I think that a lot of people in Manila are registered voters in their provinces and have not voted in the last two elections but often get discouraged to go to COMELEC to register because of all the stories that transferring your records to a different city is too much of a hassle.

I'm happy to report that the registration process was so fast. I filled up three copies of a form, had my photo and biometrics taken, thumb-marked the form, and I was done. It all took less than an hour to finish.

Kudos to Comelec for doing this. They seem to be very aggressive in encouraging people to register for the upcoming elections. I hope that people reading this will be encouraged to register for the 2016 elections also. If you are working in the BPO industry, chances are you work at least two months to pay for your taxes annually and as big taxpayers, you have the responsibility to elect leaders whom you think will use your tax pesos correctly.
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