The Defiance of the Color Yellow

At around one in the morning today, I woke up from a dream. My dream was about a political rally in support of the current president. Everyone was, of course, wearing yellow.

My immediate reaction upon waking up surprised, surprise that I would dream about politics. Have I been watching too much news programs lately? Do I love this country so much that I even dream about her?

When it was announced on TV that the president was going to give a televised address, I naively thought that he was going to resign. I was so disappointed when he made all those defensive and defiant remarks. I felt like the current president has become too proud and stubborn just like the previous one used to be. I was really hoping that the current president will resign because it will set a precedent for future leaders to resign whenever they do something tainted with doubt and suspicion. It will also plant the idea in people's minds that every government official who does something similar should resign.

I was watching a debate on this issue the other day, and it all came down to the question of does the end justify the means. Trillanes said that the DAP is inherently not evil, it was the way it was used that made it wrong. The DAP was savings that the government pooled from different agencies and realigned for different projects. This is much like the question of is money evil. Well, inherently, it is not. It is based on how you use money that makes it good or evil. Another question that was raised during the debate was on whom the burden of proof falls to. The Supreme Court already said that all the projects that the DAP money was spent on will be assumed as having been done in good faith unless otherwise proven. This means that any effort from the president to explain where the DAP money went to is not required.

The window for any damage control to be done has in my opinion, already closed. I think that public opinion is beginning to turn sour. We shall see what tomorrow will bring us.

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