Cheesecake Etc Metrodeal Voucher Review

The first time I bought a Cheesecake etc cake through Metrodeal in 2012 was uneventful, but this time was different and so I decided to write about it.

I arrived at the Cheesecake etc Glorietta branch very tired since I was lugging about five kilograms of groceries with me. Remind me not to do my groceries the next time I do this.

It was a good thing that the Cheesecake etc employee was all smiles when she greeted me that I immediately felt less tired. The employee's name was Chiny (not sure about the spelling) and she was so friendly throughout the entire time that I was there. She even gave me some information about the Chocodome cake which was what I chose. She said that it was actually not a cheesecake but a regular cake and that it had white chocolate inside. I really liked that she set my expectations because I did think that the Chocodome cake was a cheesecake. I think a lot of people, like me will assume that a store named Cheesecake etc would only sell cheesecakes. Oh wait, I think I just understood what the etc stands for in Cheesecake etc.

Chiny also did a good job in making me feel good about my purchase when she said, "masarap po yan sir". Well, for its regular price of one thousand two hundred pesos, it better be!

It turned out that the girl who took my reservations was also Chiny. I just have to say that I actually had some trouble making my reservations. It seems that thirty minutes before Cheesecake etc closes, their employees don't like to answer the phone anymore.

The first time I bought from Cheesecake etc through Metrodeal, I chose the Mango Pasion cheesecake and it was good. The Chocodome cake is also good but a bit too decadent. It has two layers of very thin chiffon, lots of white chocolate and nuts inside and a blanket of chocolate on top, too sinful for my taste.

In March 2016, I again bought a Cheesecake etc. voucher from Metrodeal. I redeemed it at the Legazpi village branch. When I got there, the lady told me that they were out of the flavor that I ordered. I was like how can that be when I ordered it three days ago? Funny, that. Anyway, the lady was all apologetic about it, asked me to choose from the available flavors, and reassured me that whatever I choose would be good anyway. I am happy to report that she was right! 😊

In June 2017, I redeemed my Metrodeal Cheesecake etc. voucher for a Mocha Fudge Cheesecake. While the cake was generally good, I don't think mocha is a good flavor for cheesecake. Note to self, stick to chocolate next time. 😜

I definitely recommend purchasing Cheesecake etc's very expensive cakes through Metrodeal. At fifty percent off, they are worth every centavo.

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