Mi Ciudad de Zamboanga song lyrics

If you grew up in Zamboanga city, you may have heard the late mayor Maria Clara “Caling” Lobregat’s song mi ciudad de Zamboanga on radio every morning. I am not sure if it is still played by that radio station these days, but I could never forget the passion with which Caling sang this song.

It might fail in comparison to no te vayas de Zamboanga in terms of popularity and to Zamboanga Hermosa in terms of importance but it is a very beautiful song that seems to speak about Zamboanga Hermosa in reminiscence.

Here are the words of that song, which I copied from the website of zambotoday.com. I am not sure about its veracity though since it doesn’t sound very natural but then it is a song. It is an old song and it contains some words which are not anymore used in the modern Chabacano such as engrandece, alaba and amable which means to grow in stature, to praise and kind in Spanish respectively.

Desde'l dia de mi nacimiento

Hasta que ya llega yo engrandece

Pirmi yo ta oi

Tu nombre alaba maga residentes de aquĆ­.

Siempre 'se na mi pensamiento

por eso bien deficil yo puede olvida

bien amable'l maga jente

con carino ta sirvi

por eso todo bien contento ta vivi

Mi ciudad de Zamboanga

desde antes popular

donde ta reina-el amor

bajo tierra proteccion de La Virgen del Pilar

Mi ciudad de Zamboanga

tema d'este mi cancion

came siempre ay ama

ese nombre ta lleva

na di amon Corazon

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