The Wrath of the Lamb

When I went to my brother's place a few months ago, he gave me a pdf copy of Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jerkins' Left Behind Book Series. I started reading it in November and quickly got hooked. Last December, a few days before Christmas, I was reading the third book in the series where humanity suffered the Wrath of the Lamb (Revelation 6). The Wrath of the Lamb occurred in the form of an Earth-wide earthquake, a scientific impossibility. After reading, I went to bed unaware of the chilling dream I was about to have.

It felt like it was afternoon. It seemed like a normal day. My dad was watching TV and I could sense my mom was in the kitchen. I was standing outside the house where my dad grew up. Currently it is my aunt and uncle (both siblings of my dad) who live in the house. Our house in Zamboanga city which is just a few meters away from this house is currently being used by a close family friend as our parents are in Pagadian city (due to the regional offices transfer) and my brother and I are here (in Manila).

It sounded as if my father was watching something on TV that said that the end of the world is fast approaching. I then saw the moon grow bigger as it descended. It finally got so big and so low that I felt like I could touch it. I then heard my father said that what they're saying on TV is fast approaching has already come: the end of the world. Then I heard myself think: "so it's 2010 after all, not 2012".

Then I felt the ground sinking.

I suddenly thought about all these years that I have been saving money. In my mind I was thinking how useless all that would become. And then I was hugging my father and my mother, murmuring goodbyes. I still couldn't feel any dread despite the ground beneath me sinking. It was reminiscent of how I felt when I was in a ship heading towards Zamboanga city during typhoon Ondoy. People on board the ship were asked to put on the life jacket on two separate instances when the waves were too high that it entered the top deck of the boat and yet all I thought about was that I should not have brought my laptop with me as my brother could still have used it in the event of my demise. I was even so rational that I placed my IDs in my pocket in case my carcass would wash away to the shore (so that my body could be identified).

Then we were making our way towards the mountains. My father was saying that because the ground is sinking, we would soon be beneath sea level. Then I saw my brother taking food with him. I am not sure who suggested the idea of building a boat. But my brother said that if we were going to be in a boat for a period of time, we'd need food.

When we reached higher ground, we saw the flood of water coming from all directional seeking to engulf the lowlands. And then all I could think about was repentance.

Was it a wake up call to disattach myself from my worldly possessions? Maybe a warning from God? I don't know.

But what occurred a few days after was far more eerie than the dream itself. I was at my brother's place again. After lunch, I told him about my dream. He told me of it's uncanny likeness to the movie 2012.

It would've been understandable if I watched the movie 2012 or read about it or even just saw a trailer. But the only image I have of the movie is the poster that I saw (and I can't even remember anything about the poster, only the numbers 2012 written on it). I did however read an article in which talked about the end of the world. I did not however read it in full but I did get the general idea which seemed to be that the Mayan calendar is only up to 2012 and thus suggesting an end of life on that year. That, I believe, is why I said: "so it's 2010 after all, not 2012" in my dream.

What makes the dream extraordinary is the fact that everything in my dream was very logical. I am used to having dreams which seem funny because certain characters are out of place or certain scenarios are exaggerated. But in this dream, nothing seemed out of place. My family living in the house where my dad grew up was the only thing that was out of place. But even that is not too far away from reality or at least not too ridiculous. Everything just seemed logical and in correct sequence. I also had dreams which seemed to be visions in the past but those dreams seemed surreal. Another thing about this dream is that it did not feel like a dream. When I woke up, it felt as if it happened. There were nothing in the dream that indicated it was dream which was why it seemed like it really happened.

***Written a few days before Christmas, posted May 2010