Smart BroKen?

When I did my research about ISPs which would be available to me, the first thing that I considered was the ease of the application process. My problem is that I still do not have any primary ID and no billing statement. When I found out that Smart Bro's requirement was just a single ID (it doesn't even have to be a primary ID), I immediately decided to go with it. It was also the only one which had good reps (at least those that I encountered) who were able to explain what I would be getting. What I noticed with other ISPs (like Destiny, PLDT, etc) were the number of complicated packages that they offered which their own reps can't even properly explain. That's mainly what turned me off about the other ISPs. With Smart Bro, there's basically just plan 999 and plan 799 for post paid and it's basically you get Internet service, that's it, no more confusing package names and requirements. After doing intensive research though, I have later which was (too late) discovered though that PLDT offers a better deal since it comes with a land line and Internet service already.

The first few weeks of using Smart Bro's service was okay. I was able to download mp3s at better speeds than using a dial up. I was able to surf the net fairly fast. In short, I did not have any complaints. Although I work at nights and so I use the Internet mostly early mornings. I was able to experience the Smart Broken service many people are complaining about in Smart Wifi Chronicles during weekends because that's when I would also use the Internet during nights as well.

Another thing that I disliked about Smart Bro was the installation process. It took them just a day to get here, yes it was quick. However, when the guys from Smart (just a contractor really) came, I was asked for 500 pesos and they claimed it was for the pole (where the canopy is to be placed) that they would need to use. My friend who was with me said that these poles cost just 80 pesos and the guys answered: 'eh yung labor po, ma'am'. I then conceded because I knew that there is a chance that they would not do a good job with the installation.

Just a few weeks ago (during typhoon Marce), Smart Bro got broken. I was almost sure that it was due to the strong winds changing the position of the canopy. After a week, I went to the Smart Wireless center in SM North EDSA and complained about it. I was told that they would be sending their technical team over. The main reason why I did not call their hot line was that I did not have a land line. Just a quick tip, I think this is a better way of getting your complaint addressed. Another tip when complaining about your Internet connection is to not be irate at first. Be calm and explain the situation calmly. Be sure to get a technical team over at your house.

Based from my reading at Smart Wifi Chronicles, I know that there really are people who don't have any problem with the canopy placement and all that and the problem is low speed connection arising from the number of subscribers in a single base station. This situation, I'm afraid is beyond control and is really up to Smart whether they'll add base stations in the area.

Yesterday, the Smart technical team arrived. They figured that the canopy was defective (I'm not sure what the defect was). Anyway they replaced it and all is going well now.

I was without Internet service for almost two weeks. I would be asking Smart to compensate me on this. Watch out for my next post about Smart Bro and you'll find out whether I would be given a compensation or not. Meanwhile, I'm just happy to have Internet connection again. I really thought I was gonna end up like many of those people in Smart Wifi Chronicles who are so bitter at Smart and stopped paying their bills but are stuck with the pretermination fee.