Pinoy Idol Vs. Philippine Idol: A Comparison

Pinoy Idol Vs. Philippine Idol: A Comparison

Judges and Judging

Ryan Cayabyab, Pilita Corales, and Francis Magalona sat as judges in Philippine Idol while it is Wyngard Tracy, Jolina Magdangal, and Ogie Alcasid. Noticeably, Philippine Idol judges are more heavyweight and credible than that of Pinoy Idols. It has been noted though by most people that the Pinoy Idol judges make more sense in giving criticisms on the idol wannabes performance. Pilita’s comments on the idol’s performance were always sugar coated and probably made the idol wannabes very lax. Francis Magalona’s capability as a judge goes beyond poor in quality. Ryan Cayabyab meanwhile always offered a reality check for the contestants. In Pinoy Idol though, all three judges always give out constructive criticisms


For me, the contestants of Pinoy Idol do not compare to those of Philippine Idol. The Philippine Idol contestants match the profile of the average American Idol contestant, while the contestants of Pinoy Idol match the profile of the average barangay singing contest contestant.


Audio is noticeably better in GMA’s Pinoy Idol than ABC’s Philippine Idol. Obviously, this is due to the fact that GMA is a much bigger and wealthier station and thus can afford to have better sound systems. Audio was actually one of the frequent complaints of Philippine Idol viewers, it being of poor quality.


The set of Pinoy Idol looks more like American Idol than Philippine Idol’s. Obviously, Pinoy Idol has a much bigger budget than Philippine Idol mainly because it is with GMA 7).


There is no question that when it comes to the host, Philippine Idol wins. Ryan Agoncillo just makes a better host than Raymond Gutierrez. There are two things that make Ryan Agoncillo a better host and those are spontaneity and wit.

Voting procedure

There are no numbers given to each contestant each performance night. The name of the contestant is utilized instead of the numbers. The same goes for the two Idol shows. Pinoy Idol though has a ‘fraud vote’ blocker. They have a maximum number of votes that can be sent during the voting period. Both, I believe has the same length of voting period.


Unlike Philippine Idol, Pinoy Idol does not have many controversies. That is something American Idol is much known for, the controversies. Philippine Idol thrived much on the Mau Marcelo controversy (which eventually made her win the title).

Overall, ABC5s Philippine Idol wins over GMA7s Pinoy Idol when it comes to the contestants but in terms of audio, the set, GMA7 does it better (mainly due to the fact that they are operating on a bigger budget).