How to Verify your PayPal Philippines account with Union Bank EON Cyber account

The best way to get your Paypal Philippines account verified is through the Union Bank EON cyber account. Union bank's EON is actually a Visa debit card. Unless you have a credit card (or are willing to go through the process to get one), this would be the most effective way to get your PP account verified.

The good thing about applying for the EON account is that it is so easy. You just have to apply online and specify which Union bank branch you would like to pick your card up and about a week later, voila, the card is already at the branch. Just be sure to bring 550 pesos with you to the bank when you do pick your card up. 350 pesos would be for the annual fee and 200 pesos for Paypal's verification process. After filling up the forms, just inform the teller (or whoever is assisting you) that you would also be depositing 200 pesos. This would take no less than 15 minutes actually. Just go to the bank at around 9 AM so that there wouldn't be many people yet.

Now you have to enroll your EON card to the online banking facility. Just go to the union bank website and follow the instructions. You would be able to access your account online around 3 days later.

At around this time, I am sure that you are already itching to get your your hands on your hard earned money, but wait, you can not use that card yet with your Paypal. You have to either wait for 5 days or contact your bank (the branch where you picked up your card) and ask them whether your account is already activated. Take note that activation for the online banking and activation for the account itself are different. Both would take around 3-5 days.

If you input your card info on your paypal account this early, your card would most probably be denied.

Overall, it would take around 2 weeks for the whole process to complete.

Then in the succeeding days, you would notice that an amount of 1.95 usd would be deducted from your account and would be credited back later. This is already Paypal's verification process. You can actually get you expanded usage number online. Just access your account online and view the transactions made over the past few days and you would be able to get your four digit expanded usage number. Just click here for more details on this.

Just remember to deposit 200 php in your account and you'd be good to go. Remember not to rush things. If your card is being denied, it doesn't mean that you can't use your card anymore with paypal. It may just mean that you have to wait a little more, especially since your card is still new. Just remember to ask your branch if your account is already activated and their customer service department whether your online banking enrollment has already been approved, and if you got answers in the affirmative from these two and your card is still being denied, then that's the time that you can think that something's wrong.