300 Strong and Brave Men is all we Need

It was all over the news yesterday. A man by the name of Ducat took hostage a bus filled with school children and two teachers on its way to Tagaytay for a field trip. It was supposed to be your everyday hostage taker who just wants to get rich quick. However there is a twist to this story. The hostage taker apparently owns the day care center which the school children inside the bus go to. Add to that, he owns that particular day care center.

The details were at first sketchy. But hours later it was clear. This Ducat was not your ordinary criminal. This person was committing such acts because he was fighting for his ideals. The daycare center which the hostages attend is a project of the hostage taker and it turns out that he was offering this service for free. He also has a foundation, the Ang Musmos foundation which cares for around 150 poor children from the slums of Tondo.

The guy demanded that all of the children under the care of his foundation shall be given university education. He also called on the people to think about who they would be voting for this mid term senatorial election. He said that people should not count on these politicians to help them, instead they should help themselves.

Quite a reflection there of the desperation felt by the poor Filipino masses. Indeed, it is disturbing that a man would go so far to demand for better education for poor Filipino kids.

What we need badly is a change. What we need are people who are not tainted with bad blood. Bong Revilla and Chavit Singson are two very opportunistic parasites. Yesterday, they went inside the bus and took advantage of the media coverage to appear as 'heroes'. Today, it was said that the police never allowed them to enter the bus. They were given the permission to talk to the hostage but only by phone or by shouting. These kind of politicians are trapo. They are cancers in our society. We need to eradicate these kind of people in our government.

We desperately need people like Paredes, Sison, and Bautista in the senate. We need to elect honest, passionate, and intelligent people as senators. We can't have the popular and glamorous making the laws of the land.

We need change, and we need it now! Vote for the Ang Kapatiran party.

We must campaign for these people! I am doing my part by displaying the banner of this party in my website (now defunct) which caters to Amateur Filipino Writers. You should do your part as well.

Together, we will march these champions to the senate, all 300 of us!

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