Bucket List of 17 Things To Do in the Historic District of Zamboanga City

Vigan is best known for Calle Crisologo, a street dotted with numerous Spanish-era houses. For years, I had been trying to plan a trip to that very historic and romantic place, but I realize now that in my hometown, we have our own Calle Crisologo. Zamboanga city's Calle Crisologo stretches from Plaza Pershing to Fort Pilar. In that stretch of pavement, one can find several commercial, civic, religious, government, and residential edifices that boast of architecture from the early 18th century to the early 20th century. Traveling through Zamboanga city's historic district can be done and is best done on foot.

Here is my bucket list of 17 things to do in Zamboanga city's historic district. Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them.

1. Marvel at the Unique Architecture of the City Hall

 source: https://heritageconservation.wordpress.com/  

2. Order some Cheeseburgers from McDonald's 

 3. Watch the Sunset at Paseo Del Mar

4. Say a Prayer at Fort Pilar 

5. Eat Chicken Joy at Jollibee

6. Withdraw Some Cash from BPI (the First Bank in Mindanao) 

7. Gaze at the Century-Old Acasia Trees that Line the Sidewalks 

8. Relax while Watching Nearby Islands at Paseo del Mar 

 9. Feed the Doves Outside Fort Pilar (Yes, Like in Milan 😀)  

10. Buy Some Pasalubong and Religious Souvenirs from Plaza Pilar  

11. Enjoy the View that our Ancestors had while keeping Zamboanga city Safe from Pirates atop the Fort Pilar 

12. Visit the Oficina De Turismo Local in Zamboanga city 

13. Watch the Sea Gypsies Dive for Coins in Paseo Del Mar 

14. Make a Wish at the Wishing Well Inside Fort Pilar (No, Sadako is Not Inside the Well 😛) 

15. Check Out the Exhibits Inside Fort Pilar which, Surprise, is Actually a Museum! 😀 

 16. Attend a Convention at the Centro Latino Convention Center 

 17. Hang Out at Plaza Pershing Plaza Pershing

source: http://www.positivelyfilipino.com/

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