Sun Cruises' Corregidor Tour Review and Itinerary

It is that time of the year again when I feel restless and bored, and what better way to cure this than traveling. This time I chose to go to the historic island of Corregidor.

My research told me that only Sun Cruises offers ferry rides to Corregidor island from Manila, I wasn't worried though as all the reviews I found about them on the web were positive. So I went to their website and checked out the different rates and packages that they had. I was initially tempted to take the package that came with lunch but backed out when I read that the food that came with the package was not good. I decided to take the package which came with a walking tour instead primarily because I was scared of not knowing where to go when I get there.

Shortly after, I called Sun Cruises to ask them if guests were allowed to bring food to the island as this was one of the suggestions of a blogger who did not find the food sold at the Corregidor island good. Now I had a pretty good impression of Sun Cruises until that phone call. Their website was very efficient, booking process could be done online, plus all reviews on Sun Cruises online were saying that customer service was really good. So I was totally shocked when I had a bad experience with the girl from Sun Cruises that I spoke with on the phone.

When asked if food can be brought to the island, the girl answered, in so many words, no. Not even an explanation as to why when there were only two restaurants in Corregidor Island selling over priced food. Then when I asked her to check if my reservation was already confirmed, she actually said that they didn't have an internet connection at that time. Because of all that, I had very low expectations of my trip to Corregidor Island.

Check in time at the Sun Cruise terminal was at seven in the morning. I took the LRT going to the Vito Cruz station and then took a jeepney to the Sun Cruise terminal. Let me tell you that even without the crowd, riding the train was so stressful so take a cab if you could.

Once I got to the Sun Cruises terminal, all my stress disappeared. I loved looking at Manila Bay with the tall buildings behind it. That view just took my breath away.

Then when we boarded the ferry boat, I was super impressed with the fact that it was air conditioned and equipped with a snack bar and comfort rooms. Ignoramus here was thinking that we were going to board a small fishing vessel converted into a ferry boat. A part of the deck was uncovered, and some people (one of them was me) stayed there to experience watching the nearby islands go by (and occasionally floating trash) with the strong sea breeze blowing in their faces.

The view from the dock of the island was incredible. You could see trolley buses waiting for the guests, a huge forested hill, a lighthouse, and lots and lots of greenery.

Since I booked the walking tour, I didn't get a chance to ride the trolley bus. The good thing about the walking tour is that you get to linger on the different points in Corregidor Island longer plus there is a tour guide who can answer your questions. The bad thing is that you don't get to see all of the island and it is a bit tiring.

I got so addicted to taking continuous photos with my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It's so amazing to be able to take 360-degree surround photos of Corregidor Island. Any photographer should include Corregidor island in their trips when visiting Manila.

I would have loved Corregidor Island more if the buildings were rebuilt. When I saw the tourists of different nationalities going there, I wondered why the government does not make more of an effort to market Corregidor island internationally. Corregidor could be packaged with Bataan as a world war two historical tour.

If you don't book the walking tour with Sun Cruises, you will have a different itinerary at Corregidor Island. The normal tour goes to most of the sites in Corregidor Island but only get to stay a few minutes per site due to time constraints while the walking tour only goes to the more important sites of Corregidor island but allows you to linger in them longer.

Customer service by Sun Cruises was great from the check-in process, the ferry ride, the tour, and the hotel. Everyone was all smiles and very accommodating. I have to say that I had very low expectations of my Corregidor Island trip, but I ended up having a great time. Kudos to Sun Cruises!

I hope this Corregidor Island Travel Itinerary Guide and Sun Cruises Review helps you. If you wish to book a Corregidor Island cruise with Sun Cruises, just click here.

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