Is Globe Double Charging?

In the past, getting charged for texts twice (sometimes even thrice) was not that uncommon. This usually happens when your phone only has one or two signal bars; you try to send an SMS multiple times, but you keep on getting a message saying that sending has failed. Little do you know, the message had already been sent, and thus, you get charged multiple times for just one message. There really is no way to dispute these charges except to check your cell phone credit balance after each time you send a text message, and your phone shows a good signal, but your phone tells you that sending failed.

These occurrences have decreased in the past few years, but recently I, unfortunately, have encountered it again. I am not even sure if indeed these have decreased, or maybe I’m not just paying attention to my cell phone credit balance very much lately.

It happened last weekend. I loaded my phone with 25 Immortal Texts to Globe/TM and 5 Immortal Texts to other networks. After getting a confirmation message, I sent an SMS worth two messages to a Smart number. I tried sending the message for about twenty times before it got sent. My phone at that time, though had a full signal bar, but it kept saying that sending had failed. After my phone had said that the message was sent, I checked my balance again, and I was shocked to see that I only had one text to other networks left when I still should have 3 left. I can swear I only sent that SMS worth 2 pesos!

I called Globes Customer Service hotline, and they made a report on what happened. Then I get this message giving me a transaction number and telling me that my concern will be resolved not later than October 31.

On October 31, I received the following message from Globe: We have checked your account already. Please be advised that upon validation, charge/s on your account was/were found valid. Thank you!

I nearly laughed at receiving this message. There is no doubt in my mind that the charge was valid, but I never intended to send that message twice. It is illogical to send a message to the same person twice. So I don’t know if I should blame Globe or my phone for saying that sending has failed even though it was a success. Anyway, I could see that this wasn’t going to get anywhere. It’s like depositing a thousand pesos through the ATM and the bank people tell you that you only deposited five hundred pesos. Is there really any way for you to dispute that?

Anyway, I hope that this doesn’t happen again to me or anyone else because frankly, to have this happen to you feels like you’re getting robbed which of course is a very unpleasant feeling.