I Won!

As a child, my parents told me that I was sort of lucky and always had a good chance at winning games of chance. To date, I have won my fair share of candies, mugs, and other prizes during a school or office raffle draw. Nothing big though, nothing like an appliance or a million pesos.

I can say that I was never convinced that I was lucky. Growing up, I disliked the idea of people depending upon lotteries to uplift them from poverty. In fact I hated it when my dad bought a lotto ticket. I would always tell him that depending upon chance is a very defeatist's way of living life.

In my almost two year stay in Manila, I had never bought a single lotto ticket amid the ballooning jackpots. It was only more than two months ago that I had another encounter with games of chance. A friend of mine from work bought this scratch-and-win type of card wherein there were two columns to scratch, the first was your hand and the second was the other hand. If your hand won, then you win the corresponding amount written at the right part of the card (rock, paper, and scissors game). My friend asked me to scratch the card for her and to my amazement, I found that she won a hundred pesos.

A few weeks later, while I was in the mall, I found myself buying a scratch-and-win card. And to my amazement, I won, fifty pesos! It wasn't that much, but just the fact that I won in a game of chance was enough to get me excited that I wanted to take a picture of my first winning card (although the lady in charge of the PCSO outlet wouldn't let me).

That experience changed my views on games of chance.They say that your chances in winning the lottery and other games of chance is one in a million but who knows, you could just be the lucky one out of the million.

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