Revisiting my Past

Since I have created Espaniero (An Online Conversation Group for Pinoys), I have been exposed to many historical documents and debates on certain historical issues on forums. From these readings I can conclude that a lot of what is written in our history books are erroneous and biased. Although there are some history books (mostly for college level students) which would present you with an accurate account of the Philippine history under Spanish rule, many will give you one sided and inaccurate stories of Spanish cruelty to the natives. Some Spaniards were indeed cruel to Filipinos but we shouldn't generalize them. Some Americans were cruel to us but they weren't cruel generally. And here I find out the endless power of effective marketing. The Americans took the game as any capitalist will. They successfully wiped out any loyalties to the Filipinos' former colonial masters and managed to instill in us a love for anything that is American. Now that is a classic example of effective marketing.

A week ago, I myself had this prejudice against Spanish people as being arrogant, snobbish, and unkind. After all, in Philippine cinema, that is how they are being depicted. Name one Filipino movie wherein a Spanish is being depicted as a normal mainstream character. You can't, 'coz there are none.

Anyway, I am glad to have come across this readings. Now I know more about Spanish Philippine history. Now I know more than about the atrocities they committed and their seemingly endless bad deeds. Albeit, history can never be told accurately. All historical texts are open to misinterpretation, biases, and alterations.

But I'm keeping an open mind. And to me, that's all that matters.

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