8 Cool Things To Do In Binondo

Did you know that Binondo is the oldest Chinatown in the world? This section of Manila is so full of history and it is a must-see for every traveler visiting Manila!

 Here are eight cool things that you can do in Binondo.

1. Visit Binondo Church

If you like old churches (like me), you definitely have to visit Binondo church. It's super cool because it has a pagoda-like bell tower. it is probably one of the most unique churches that you'll ever see in the country. 😲

Source: By Lawrence Ruiz - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=51373004

2. Eat Dumpling at Wai Ying

I first ate at Wai Ying seven years ago because of a friend's recommendation. I have since been eating there every time I visit Binondo. Wai Ying looks like one of those very old restaurants in Binondo that serve authentic Chinese food. Their prices are very budget-friendly and their food is so good. I especially like their Fried Dumplings, Fried Rice, Radish Cake, Lumpia Shanghai, Noodle Soup, and Cold Milk Tea.

Wai Ying is located at 810 Benavidez Street in Binondo.

3. Have some Kuchay Ah at Quick Snack

Quick Snack wasn't actually in our itinerary when we went to Binondo but someone recommended it to me and my friends knew about the place so we decided to stop by for a quick snack. 😜

We tried their Halo-Halo, Ngo Hiang, Kuchay Ah, Lumpia and Pancit. As far as I could tell, the Kuchay Ah, Lumpia, and Pansit that we had didn't have any meat in them so they're good for vegetarians.

What I liked about Quick Snack was the very friendly staff. I also liked that the place looked relatively clean and new. 😉

Quick Snack is a bit difficult to find. It is located along Carvajal street which is a narrow pedestrian mall in Binondo.

Here is their Menu:

4. Light an Incense at the Sto. Cristo De Longos De Binondo Shrine

This shrine is so cool. It is like a marriage between Catholicism and Buddhism. The shrine is located at the corner of Ongpin and Tomas Pinpin Streets. You'll see people lighting incense at the shrine.

5. Buy some Bread from Twips Bakehouse

This shop has really good bread! Their Pork Floss Bun and Orange Chocolate Bread are to die for! They're located just a few meters away from Wai Ying so make sure to stop by. 😀

6. Try out some Street Food

I don't know why but Binondo has some very very interesting street food and the choices are endless! I won't even try to enumerate all of them here.

7. Shop for Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants

In Binondo, you'll see lots of vendors peddling very nice-looking fruits, plants, and vegetables. 😁

I also noticed that in Binondo, there are peddlers who sell kesong puti. It makes me wonder why there aren't any in my neighborhood. Maybe, the Chinoys have a long tradition of eating kesong puti.

8. Take Home some Tikoy and Hopia

What's a trip to Binondo without buying Tikoy and Hopia? In Binondo, you'll find some very very old bakeshops selling classic Tikoy and Hopia. 😀

When to go

I visited Binondo on Chinese New Year day. If you're okay with huge crowds, sweltering heat, and daunting noise, then you simply must visit Binondo at this time of the year. Chinese New Year turns the streets of Binondo into one large party venue with dragon dances, camera-wielding tourists, and firecrackers everywhere. It's such a cool and surreal experience, you'll feel like you're in a movie!

How to get to Binondo

Commuting to Binondo is easy. Just take any bus from EDSA which passes by the LRT Gil Puyat station. Get off the bus at Gil Puyat station and take a jeep going to Divisoria. Get off in front of Binondo church. You can also take the train and get off at Carriedo station. From there, it' just a fifteen-minute walk to Binondo.