Homegrown Organics Review

It looks like Facebook knows that I'm into healthy stuff because last Monday, I saw an ad on Facebook for an online store that sells organic vegetables. Since I love the idea of buying organic vegetables online, I didn't hesitate to try out Homegrown Organics. Plus, they were offering free Sayotes. They had me at free. 😜

For my first purchase (and I say first because I'll definitely buy from them again 😀), I ordered 200 grams of organic Calamansi, 2 kilograms of organic Okra, 200 grams of organic Romaine Lettuce, 500 grams of organic Native Tomato, and a kilogram of Sweet Potato.

I placed my order online last Monday and the vegetables were delivered three days after which is within the estimated delivery time frame that they give (2-3 days). Unfortunately, the Okras were yet to be harvested so I guess they'll deliver those another time. Anyway, I did receive an SMS from Homegrown Organics saying that the Okras can't be delivered yet.

When I saw the delivery guy with several net bags of vegetables, I was so excited. I mean who knew vegetables could get me so stoked! But ever since turning thirty, I have been getting excited about things that I never cared about before like spices and cleaning products. 😀

The lettuce was definitely organic because I found a snail on one of its leaves 😜. At least that's what my dad told me when I was young and I found a worm on a Pechay leaf. 😜

What I love about Homegrown Organics is that they offer COD (cash on delivery) which is a very convenient method of payment. I also like that the Homegrown Organics online store has a neat and simple layout and the order process is very straightforward. For orders below 350 pesos, you just have to add a 50 peso delivery free (85 pesos for Marikina and Cainta) and you get free delivery when your order is more than 350 pesos. 😀

I know that I mentioned that I wanted 5 kilograms of free Sayote in my order but I was still expecting to get just a kilogram. I mean I definitely wasn't expecting Homegrown Organics to give me 5 kilograms of free Sayote! 😱 I guess I will now have to research different recipes where I could use them. 😁 And because I'm the typical millennial, I'll probably have to ask my dad about how to store the Sayote. Hopefully, they don't require refrigeration.

I've always thought that it would be difficult to maintain profitability when it comes to selling vegetables online but I guess some entrepreneurs are finding ways to make it work. Hopefully, Homegrown Organics can make more organic stuff available later like organic Kesong Puti and organic goat's milk. 😁