Heaven Sent and Island Vistas

Port of Zamboanga

My fist meal at the Super Ferry 19

Port of Cebu

Me in the ship

my humble abode

M last meal at the Super Ferry 19

My first meal when I arrived in Manila

me in my new house

I now have a matress, basin, and iron board. I was able to buy them through the help of a friend from my website (Pinoy Penster Community *now defunct).


rv said...

taga manila ka na?

Filipino Cultured said...

looks like a nice place, congratulations my friend

Jerome C. Herrera said...

Thanks. Hopefully, I can get a job soon.

X'tina said...

I am chris from http://chriskong57.blogspot.com. Thanks for visiting my blog. Sure, I will add both your blog and the Pinoy Penster Community blog to my blogroll. Hope you will do the same.
It is good to be loved.
Regards: chris