How Feminism Destroys our Society

Today, when a woman opts to become a housewife, she is looked down upon. When a woman is asked what her profession is and she turns out to be a housewife, you'll hear her saying that she is a housewife lang (just a housewife).

This is proof that radical feminism has poisoned our women's minds. This is especially true in the USA and Canada. In those two countries, women would feel guilty if they are 'just housewives'. In that society, a woman has to have a career for her to be happy.

Feminism began when women began demanding the right to vote. However, today feminism is used by selfish people to further their own agenda.

Real Feminism should be about women having choices. It shouldn't be about women having to work just to be happy.

A woman's role is in the house. She is to take care of her man and her kids. Sure, she can have a career. However, this might impair her ability to be an effective homemaker.

Motherhood is beautiful. It is the most rewarding thing on this planet. Family life is the greatest gift that God has given us.

Feminism destroys families. Why else do we have a youth today which is so uncontrollable? It is because of that fact that mothers are missing in their kids' life, and fathers (who have lost the will to impose their authority over their children) leave their kids undisciplined. The result is a hike in juvenile crime, teen pregnancies, and drop outs.

A society of working mothers can not just work! Happy are those who had stayed at home mothers. They (most of them) shall grow up to become good citizens of their country. Balancing marriage, career and parenting are an impossible thing. That is the lesson that we've learned from radical feminism!

Men are to be the providers and leaders in the family. Women are supposed to bear and train the children. That's the normal order of things. That's how simple our lives should be.

Yes, it does sound rather simplistic and backwards thinking. However don't you always hear people say mas mabuti pa dati?

Think about it, people. We must be doing something wrong, and these radical feminism concepts are one of them.


  1. youneedsomeseriousattentionFriday, November 02, 2007 7:32:00 PM

    you don't really have an idea of what feminsm is except,\ girl power, do you?

    you make me laugh...:D

  2. I am not sure what you are aiming for with this post so I will comment based on what you wrote. All I can say is you probably need to think more about what message you want to convey.

    Saying that "Real feminism should be about women having choices" in the same article where you also say "Women are supposed to bear and train the children. That's the normal order of things. That's how simple our lives should be." displays conflicting ideas.

    My take on it is that in our country, a lot of women who prefer to be housewives and take care of their families are forced to work because their husbands are too lazy to do the "providing".

    Something to think about eh?


  3. When I said that feminism should give you a choice, meant that radical feminism today makes a woman feel like she has to work to feel satisfied. A housewife is often made to feel ashamed or lower than other women who chose to be working mothers.

    Regarding women having to be mothers and fathers having to be providers, I simply said that that is the way things should be. It does not concern feminism.

    I do apologize because it isn't a very well written post. heheh...

  4. ummmm... i couldn't agree less with the comments of the people ahead of me... seriously you do need the attention of your mother... are you a daddy's boy??? hope not, but then again i can say you are... women has all the rights to practice their rights, and one of it, is to have a career... aminin man natin o hindi, minsan dahil sa mga babae tayong mga lalaki ay nagiging batugan... and it's not the womens sole responsibility to make the new generations of kids to grow as what you think should grow up, you're so 5 minutes ago... or ummmm let's say 50 thousand years???

  5. I am not a daddy's boy. In fact, I am a mama's boy. But I wrote this article based on facts and objective observation.

    Yes, of course by all means, let women have careers. What I said simply was that feminism instills in most of us an idea that women can only have meaningful lives by having careers. In fact they'll go as far as making women feel ashamed that they are 'just housewives'. This mindset cripples our society and leads to a youth which does not respect authority and which results to drugs, sex, and violence to quench their needs for belongingness.

    It is a fact that a career can stand in the path of good motherhood. It is a fact that kids turn out better if they had stay at home moms.

    Your views are politically correct ones. However, they are not necessarily correct.

    In light of recent studies, most people now acknowledge the fact that feminism does tend to destroy families. In fact most of the real feminists in the past who worked for women suffrage and women rights admit that radical feminism (the feminism of today) is just using feminism to advance their own agenda.

  6. Feminism is a movement to seek political, economic and social equality of the sexes. And THAT is the fact. There is no radical feminism. There is only feminism and there is none. The actions of some - as you say - maybe radical women cannot be used to generalize and erase what the true meaning of the word is.

    You say - "It is a fact that kids turn out better if they had stay at home moms. " I would like you to support your claim with hard numbers, statistics. It may be a fact to a neighbor, friend or colleague but it is not THE only fact. I personally think it is an insult to my mother - who is a full time working mother, myself - who is a full time working mother and all other working mothers out there . I turned out great and my kids are great.It is also an insult to all housewives because they are the ones that we should treat with highest regard. Those people you say that make them feel ashamed are the ones to be criticized. And I am sure they are few in today's world. I would like to say - let them live the life of a housewife for just a day and lets see if they have what it takes to do it.

  7. someonesgottacallreagan!!!Saturday, November 03, 2007 6:45:00 PM

    In light of recent studies, most people now acknowledge the fact that feminism does tend to destroy families. In fact most of the real feminists in the past who worked for women suffrage and women rights admit that radical feminism (the feminism of today) is just using feminism to advance their own agenda.

    hahahaha! the bigger problem you have to confront now is whether you're checking the right sources. baka nga wala kang idea kung bakit may left-wing at right-wing eh. eh about how this issue is related not only to the social and political but also within the economic? and since your focus is on one woman's career, meaning labor, have you even studied what alienation is?

    what's next, you're gonna condemn the feminist movement for inspiring the LGBTs? hahahahaha.

    you're too much of a romantic. from what cave have been you hiding anyway?

  8. There's a saying which is appropriate to your case... "Less talk, less mistake".

    I suggest you cite your sources first if you're going to bring up "studies". Otherwise, people will be justified in believing you're just pulling your facts out of your backside. ;)

  9. @Apple

    Radical feminism is a "current" within feminism that focuses on patriarchy as a system of power that organizes society into a complex of relationships producing a "male supremacy" that oppresses women. Radical feminism seeks to challenge and to overthrow patriarchy by opposing standard gender roles and male oppression of women, and calls for a radical reordering of society.

    Read more about radical feminism here:

    "It is a fact that kids turn out better if they had stay at home moms." This fact is backed by various psychosocial concepts. I must admit though that this statement comes from my knowledge in psychology and not necessarily statistics.

    I am not attacking working mothers. My mom is a working mom. My aunts, my grandmothers, they are all working moms. I am attacking radical feminism.


    You can read a lot about the studies being conducted on how radical feminist views harms families. Just google it.

    Just because certain ideas aren't politically correct doesn't automatically mean that they wrong. Accepting same sex marriages, single parenting, teen pregnancies is politically correct, but that doesn't mean that they are correct.

    @Leo Bloom

    There's a really great website called Google.

    Just visit this link and you'll know what I'm talking about:

  10. Wow...

    "Real feminism should be about women having choices...A woman's role is in the house. She is to take care of her man and her kids."

    That you don't see the irony in those sentences being almost right next to each other I find astounding.

    Also, I don't know any radical feminists who look down on mothers. I know some who look down on motherHOOD, because it's not for them. But that's that whole choices thing you're talking about...

  11. mr blogger, can you tell me your views on "panliligaw/ligawan" both from how you see it on a male and female prespective?

  12. If you are targetting radical feminism does it mean you believe that patriarchy - control by men of a disproportionately large share of power - is correct and is what our community should submit to?

    This is just a question because what you wrote, your responses to the comments, who you are (one who has working mothers...) are contradicting each other.

    I am disappointed that you cite Google and Wikipedia. I expected more specific sources you referenced. Sources which specialize on these kinds of information and studies.

    Lastly, your readers are not stupid. We all know how to use Google which is the easiest search engine to use mind you. So I really don't appreciate the condescending tone. Your last comment to @Someonesgottacallreagan is the last straw that really makes me cringe and makes me realize what kind of a person you are and the kind of character you have. And I really regret taking the bait as I can clearly see you are beyond any kind of teaching. You will never learn what is truly correct for all living persons and at such a young age that is a shame. But I still sincerely hope I am wrong and that there is still hope for you.

  13. @whatsername

    Real feminism is indeed about having choices. Real feminism started some time back in the early 20th century when women began to fight for the right to suffrage. When I said that feminism should be about women having choices, that was what I was talking about. Real feminism gives women the chance to voice out. Radical feminism meanwhile robs them off choices poisoning their minds into thinking that women should not become housewives and instead become working moms or career women. When I said that women should take care of their kids and husband, I said that based on the numerous studies conducted which concluded that kids are better off with stay at home mothers.

    If these radical feminists wants a matriarchal society (or a society where both sexes are equal), I don't have any problem with that. But the manner in which they want to achieve this is harming societies. That is what I am against.

    Well, I can't totally remember where I got those bits of info from exactly. That is why I just cited Google and Wikipedia.hehe...

    I am not beyond any teaching. I am just standing up for what I have written which I believe is correct. Saying that I will never learn what is correct is like saying that you are correct. Please back that up because I can also just say that I am right and you are beyond teaching and you will never know what is right.

  14. Actually feminism began in the 18th century, largely with Mary Wollstonecraft.

    Additionally, I have read the article on radical feminism more than once, and am a radical feminist myself, and we do none of the things you're talking about. Like I already said, some women are critical of motherhood, but not necessarily mothers, and almost always because they personally are not meant for motherhood.

    Also, kids would be better with stay at home fathers too. Why aren't you campaigning for that?

  15. @whatsername

    Yes, I was actually talking about modern feminism.

    Hmmm...are you sure you're a radical feminist? Maybe you just dislike mothers like Britney Spears.

    Kids would be better off if they had good fathers. But then again, you're not thinking of making moms work and fathers stay at home, or are you?

  16. Yes, I most definitely am a radical feminist, as defined by wikipedia which you posted. I am also a socialist feminist. A sex-positive feminist. And an eco-feminist.

    I do not plan on having kids. I like them well enough but I don't think it's for me, there are too many other things in my life going on and I don't see that stopping anytime soon. If I did become pregnant at this time, I would have an abortion. And I find the concept of being a housewife utterly repulsive, and pure drudgery. I would feel stifled and wasted if that was the only option open to me.

    Yet, I realize there are some women who are utterly maternal, and love spending time with their kids and taking care of their homes. Like my friend who currently has 8 children and homeschools them. Good for her, awesome for her, she's raising great kids and she's happy.


    And that is the only point radical feminism has ever tried to make.

    As for women working men staying at home... I think that if a couple agrees that one of them staying home is important to them, that whoever is better equipped to do it should. In my marriage, that's my husband. And should we change our minds about children, I would be the breadwinner, and he would be a house husband.

  17. Radical feminism (emphasis on radical) makes women feel that they can only get satisfaction if they become career women or working mothers. What you described is feminism in its purest sense.

  18. alanganin yung post mo. hehehe. nagmimistula kang fox news. jk lol

  19. If you're talking about some extreme form of feminism, "radical" is not the word to use. Because Radical Feminism is a type of feminism, a school of thought in feminism. Did you read the wiki article you put up??