How to Register to Smart's, Sun Cellular's & Talk N Text's Free Internet

Smart, Sun Cellular & Talk N Text offered FREE INTERNET from September 2014 to early March 2015 and is now again offering FREE INTERNET through, which is a Facebook-led initiative. aims to make internet accessible to countries like Colombia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Zambia.

Interested subscribers will have to text the word INTERNET to 9999.

Who can avail of this promo?

All Smart, Sun Cellular & Talk N Text subscribers with at least one peso in load (airtime) are qualified to avail of the FREE INTERNET offer.

Are there any limitations to Smart's, Sun Cellular's & Talk N Text's FREE INTERNET?

Yes. Only the following websites can be accessed for free:

*Facebook Messenger
*UNICEF facts for Life
*Pesos and Sense 
*Girl Effect
*Female Network
*Phil Star

If the websites above were to be accessed directly (not via, it would not be free of charge.

How to access Smart's, Sun Cellular's & Talk N Text's FREE INTERNET?

There are two ways to access's FREE INTERNET with Smart, Sun Cellular:

* Via App
1. Download the app
2. Open the app and choose the website you want to go to

* Via Browser:
1. Type in your browser
2. Choose the website you want to go to

What I love about Sun Cellular's Free Internet is the Sun Load Protect. I remember trying to access Globe's FreeFB and being deducted load (credits) every time I did it. I understood that it was the apps running in the background that caused it, but there was no way for me to turn them off in my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Because of that experience, I was initially reluctant to try out Sun's Free Internet promotion. After using Sun Cellular's Free Internet for more than a month, I am happy to report to you that I never experienced being shocked at my cellphone load (credits) being deducted. Load Protect also works for Talk N Text and Smart.


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  2. How can I register load protect?

  3. Hi Anonymous. i think everyone is automatically registered. :-)

  4. If everyone automatically registeres, bakit yong load ko nababawasa?

  5. Do I have to text to 9999 each time or only one time.

  6. Oo nga dapat pwede ang clash of clans atchaka google para may matutunan nmn tyo

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