The Calle Crisologo of Zamboanga City

Vigan is best known for Calle Crisologo, a street dotted with numerous Spanish era houses. Calle Crisologo has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is the best example of a masterfully planned Spanish colonial town in Asia during the 18th century.

Here is how Calle Crisologo looks like:

For years, I had been trying to plan a trip to this very historic and romantic place, but I realize now that in my hometown, we have our own Calle Crisologo.

Zamboanga city's Calle Crisologo stretches from Plaza Pershing to Fort Pilar. In that stretch of concrete, one can find several commercial, civic, religious, government, and residential edifices that boast of architecture from the early 18th century to the early 20th century. Traveling through the attractions listed above can be done and is best done on foot.


The Plaza Manila building used to be a commercial building in the heart of the city.

The former Plaza Manila building has now been renovated, and part of it houses a McDonald's store.

Which bank holds the record as the first in Mindanao? That's right. It's none other than  Bank of the Philippine Islands (Zamboanga branch) which began its operations in the early twentieth century.

The Zamboanga city hall is a fine example of American turn of the century colonial architecture.

This fortress was built to protect Zamboanga from frequent pirate attacks. Adjacent to these walls is the  Fort Pilar Shrine. The last three photos were taken from atop the fort.

Inside the Fort Pilar is a museum.

Even Jollibee follows the architectural trend in this part of the town. 

There are various government offices in this area, and most of them follow late 19th-century architecture. The last one is a convention center found inside the Paseo del Mar.



Source: Unknown (Web)

Plaza Pershing is a park found in downtown Zamboanga. It was built in the early 20th century by the Americans and is named after John Black Pershing. The last photo is an aerial view of the plaza.

There are several hotels in downtown Zamboanga city. Some of the popular ones are the Grand Astoria Hotel, Lantaka hotel by the sea, & Jardin de la Vina. Restaurants also abound in the area.

The following is an interesting blog post on a walking tour of historical downtown Zamboanga:

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