From Sunset till sunrise

That is the time that I work.

Yes, I work at nights. I am not however a bad person, nor am I an antisocial.

I am simply a call center agent on a graveyard shift.

After being on the night shift for almost 10 months now, I am starting to feel like I am living on the American timezone. Aside from this, I am also feeling like I can't tolerate glaring sunlight anymore.

You see, most of the times, I would start my shift at around 8 pm and end at 5 am. That means that I leave the house at night and arrive home just before the sun rises. In short, I don't get touched by sunlight at all. During weekdays, I would always plan to wake up at around 3 pm so that I could do my banking, pay bills, do my groceries, put out the trash, and go to the mall with my friends. Most of the times though, I couldn't bring myself to rise at that time and seeing the sun still shining outside just makes matters worst. It is as if I feel like I can't tolerate the sun anymore. This is what happens during weekdays then. I would set out to go the mall and meet with a friend but then I find myself waking up at around 8 Pm already and so I just go to the mall and do my groceries. No banking anymore because banks are closed already. I would then settle to paying my bills, going banking, and meeting with that friend next week. But then it'll happen again next week.

There are even times when I would wake up at around 10 PM already. Those times, I would have no choice but to buy food from the hamburger stands and convenience stores which are still open (Angel's burger, Burger Machine, 7/11, and Ministop).

The reason why most call center agents are getting sick is probably because they tend to eat unhealthy foods most of the times. Foods like burger, hotdog, noodles, fried chicken, pasta, and the like are the main diet of a call center agent. Add to that the fact that they tend to abuse their bodies. Working at nights and trying to have a social life are not a good mix. As I have stated, it is very difficult to have a social life with this job, unless you don't plan on having a regular sleeping habit.

But in the end, it's how you make things work for you that counts. Working at nights have tremendous health implications but you could battle those health hazards by having regular sleeping patterns and eating real food at times.

I live like a vampire, but I'm not complaining...


  1. hi jerome! you're not in zamboanga city right now are you? I like what you've written about zamboanga city in another blog post and I hope you'll continue to write about our beautiful city of flowers!

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  3. hi, you're right I am not in zamboanga city right now. I am currently in quezon city but I'm from zamboanga city. Thanks for the inspiring words.

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  5. Welcome to the call center world! Hehe...

    Enjoy your shift, stay happy and be blessed always. =)