5 Call Center Interview Questions And Answers For Fresh graduates in the Philippines

If you are a fresh graduate in the Philippines and you wish to apply for a call center job (as in any other job), it is best to be ready for the interview. Being ready for the interview means having a ready answer for common call center interview questions. Having a ready answer does not mean blurting out a memorized answer but having an outline for what you are going to say. In call centers, interviewers like to see if you have a chain of thought. So it is important that you at least have an idea on what to say next and how to transition to those ideas. Minimal fillers (uhhms and uhhs) will do you much good.

Here are some call center interview questions that might be asked if you are a fresh graduate in the Philippines:

Call Center Interview Questions And Answers For Fresh graduates in the Philippines 1: Tell me something about yourself that is not here in your resume

For this one, say something about your family. What does your parents do, your siblings, and if you wish your extended family. Describe your relationship to them. Follow that with your hobbies and interests. Make sure that your hobbies are indeed interesting such as mountain climbing (means you are determined and disciplined), and web designing (meaning you are very computer literate). If you don't have any interesting hobbies, then at least make your hobbies sound interesting (for example instead of just saying 'reading', say that you are a voracious book reader).

Call Center Interview Questions And Answers For Fresh graduates in the Philippines 2: What is your idea of a call center?

This one is a bit difficult and kind of vague. When I was asked this question, I answered that: My idea of a call center is that it's a place wherein you assist people and try to help them solve their problems for them. In a call center, you give quality customer service...something to that effect.

***When asked what is your idea of quality customer service. You may answer this: Quality customer service is going out of your way to provide customer service. It is not simply providing assistance according to what you are expected of. The main idea of your answer here is going out of your way to help the customer.

Call Center Interview Questions And Answers For Fresh graduates in the Philippines 3: What makes you qualified to work in a call center?

Call Center Interview Questions And Answers For Fresh graduates in the Philippines 4: What quality do you think you have which would make me not hire you?

This one is tricky and continues to boggle the minds of applicants.This question is actually asking for your weakness.The key is to make your weakness appear as a strength.

Call Center Interview Questions And Answers For Fresh graduates in the Philippines 5: How do you see yourself five years from now?

Never say that you see yourself having your own business (if it is applicable to you). Why? Because this would mean that you would be leaving soon in case you get hired. You can say that you see yourself still with the same company but a much higher post

Things to remember for fresh graduates preparing for a call center interview:

- If you are an undergraduate, or you have a family, try to sound as if these things won't become a hurdle to your call center career. Call centers have high attrition rates, and interviewers are constantly trying to look for people who won't leave after a few months.

- Always sound confident by trying to feel as if you don't really want the job.

- Never lie to the interviewer. You will get caught.

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Anonymous said...

I manage a small call center (about 120 seats) and I would NEVER hire you. Your answer to the question about weakness is clearly premeditated and tells an interviewer nothing about who you are. Your answers to the "tell me something about yourself" question are also intended to portray yourself in the best light and no interviewing manager would be blinded by them.

The best advice I could give to an applicant would be to answer all questions with honesty and be confident in your delivery. Don't overprepare or your answers won't sound natural.

Jerome C. Herrera said...

I just remembered something that is always being stressed in call centers, it is not what you say but how you say it.

hazel said...

all question guide it helps me a lot in applying as a call center agent. thanks

Anonymous said...

sir can you help how to get rid of being nervous.because everytime i go for an interview, i body always shake it also intends me to collapse. My another probelem is that i don't have believe to myself,i super negative thinker,like i will not pass that,i will be faild,because sir, i really want to help my family most especially my younger sister because she had been stroke for 7 years and i want to help her on her medication and theraphy. here's my e-mail address sir,maryannedugayo@yahoo.com
thank you very much

lurrrve said...

This will be very helpful in my upcoming interviews. Thanks! ;)

Julio said...


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Call center companies in the Philippines said...

This is really something helpful. Not all people really know that ins and outs of job interviews.

Anonymous said...

uhm hi, i graduated from highschool but finished 1st year college whole 1 year sem, any tips for undergrads like me?

Jerome C Herrera said...

Hi Anonymous. Most call centers don't care whether you're an undergrad or not. Some will require you to have 2 years of college or a college degree though. But as far as tips are concerned, I have the same tips for both undergrads and degree holders.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just want to seek for advice. This thought is bugging me for almost a month already. I could even have a hard time sleeping for 3-5 consecutive days. I know my situation right now is getting worse. My problem is, I work for a call center only for 2 months. Right then, I decided to resign because my work is really affecting my health - mentally, physically and emotionally. Because of the depression and stress that I felt during my shift, I could not perform well in the production. I keep on overthinking. I talked about it to my supervisor and I asked if it is possible if I could resign even if it is still within the training bond period or to just get terminated because I could not take it anymore. Because of my depression, I don't feel like eating and I couldn't sleep. My supervisor told me that there is no way she could terminate me but if it's really my desire to resign, she will accept my resignation letter but I would not be able to get my exit clearance beacause of the training bond. I will only be cleared if I pay the training bond. Now, I regretted my decision. :'( I feel so helpless. I wanted to apply again in a call center but what shall I do? Is there any possibility that I will be hired in any company that I will apply for in the future? For sure, they would know that I have a previous employer when they conduct the background check. Please help me. I couldn't sleep because if these thoughts. I hope anyone could help me fix myself. :(

Jerome C Herrera said...

Hi Anonymous. Please contact me via email (there's a contact me link above in the menu). I will try to help you. Thanks.