Wendy: Saviour of PBB 2

We saw it in the news. PBB ratings are not quite as high as its previous ratings. Why you ask. Well if you watch a single episode of PBB 2, you would notice that it is not as interesting as PBB 1. First of, the current personalities inside the house are not a good mix. The PBB 1 housemates were much more funny, colorful, and real. The current housemates are so dull, boring, and safe. I guess you can say that the second batch of housemates are really playing the game.The problem I think is that the current batch of housemates have seen PBB 1 and all the other editions. Therefore, they are more prone to act cautiously.

And in a bid to spark some conflict inside Kuya's house, Uma was asked to enter the PBB house once again some few weeks ago. And then I guess that did it! We saw massive fireworks inside the house brought about by Wendy. Of course we all know that conflict beget a rise in ratings.

Personally, I hate the show. What kind of values are we as a nation possibly getting from that show? Tomorrow, the controversial show will come to an end. Hopefully people know more than to spend their hard earned money in voting for their favorite PBB housemate who can do nothing for them.


  1. i'm not really an avid fan of PBB. i used to watch the 1st season. the current season i've only seen just a couple of episodes i think. i can't stand the drama and the kaplastikan of the PBB2. i don't know really because i don't watch it that much, but it's just my opinion. i also find some of their tasks kinda corny and trying hard to be funny. hehe... i personally think that most people who join PBB just wanted to become a celebrity. or they just wanted to win prize. well, there's nothing wrong with wanting to win. i just don't like it when some of them make up stories or whatever just to win.

  2. I'm not a big fan either, but my mom is. She watches 24/7 religiously, it's scary.

    However, I have to admit I have been texting/voting myself ONLY because I don't want Wendy to win. Allowing someone like her to win is against my principles, as a Filipino and as a human being.

  3. We have 24/7 here in our home. Seeing Wendy is sickening now than before. Seeing Wendy votes are far worse than seeing dagdag-bawas happening on Philippine Elecctions. On the other hand, I do feel bad for Wendy entering the Big Four. Well she is happy because she has won something already but the thing is that people will mob her when she comes out and she will have problems of her career plans. tsk, tsk...

    I will no longer watch PBB after this. [Pff.-->spits in disgust]I think ABSCBN should end that PBB franchise because it does not promote Filipino values. They should stop using the song "Pinoy Ako". It's not about promoting Filipino values anymore- it's about money and the Hawthorne Effect. LOL.