My Vote is My Future

The following are the people I would like to serve me for the next few years:

Paredes, Zosimo Jesus
Zubiri, Juan Miguel
Trillanes, Antonio
Sison, Adrian
Lacson, Panfilo
Bautista, Martin
Escudero, Francis
Defensor, Michael
Pangilinan, Francis
Arroyo, Joker
Cantal, Felix
Coseteng, Anna Dominique

When I voted for these people, I felt a bit guilty. You see it took me less than 3 minutes to come up with this list. Although Sison, Paredes, Bautista, Escudero, Trillanes, and Defensor have long been in my list. The others are just a product of a 3 minute contemplation.

While leaving the polling center, I saw many people still looking for their names. I think what was wrong was the fact that the 'master list' was not in an alphabetical order. The list was according to location. But what about the people not living in a congested area?

I think information dissemination was not also good. People who did not know their precinct number could very well have used Comelec's text service.

However there were also people who were assigned to a certain precinct number but didn't find their name on that particular precinct.

All these problems are really frustrating. I mean a simple computer can solve it. When you have all the names in a database, it's easy to find the names. When I called up Comelec, they used a computer to find my precinct number, and it took only a few seconds. If only all polling centers have have even just one computer, this eternal problem of not being able to find names can be easily solved.

This is my first time to vote and it feels so empowering to be able to have a tool for change in this country. I feel good about myself. I just hope the next time I vote, all these futile problems will be solved already.


  1. GOOD FOR, unlike me, were able to cast your vote, practice your right to suffrage.

  2. I voted for Chiz, Joker, Trillanes, the 3 guys from AK, Kiko, Lacson, and Villar. Good thing we didn't have to go through the hassle of not being able to find the right precincts, and we were only in the precinct for 20 minutes max. Basta, always exercise your right to vote. It may not seem like much, but your vote counts.

  3. hmmm..i feel guilty 'coz i wasn't able to vote this election... i promise to register this time so i could practice my right to vote in the coming elections...