Mau to Become a Kapuso?

Mau Marcelo, the first Philippine Idol has been rumored to be wooed by GMA 7 to be a Kapuso. According to sources, GMA (which has the greater penetration in the Metro Manila area) is interested in Mau because she has captivated the hearts of some Kapuso.

If this rumor is true, this will be a win-win situation both for GMA 7 and Maureen Marcelo. We all know that ABC 5 (the network handling Mau) has not yet proven to have the ability to make a talent popular. In the past (during Philippine Idol), ABC 5 couldn't even use their radio station to broadcast Philippine Idol. We all saw how ABS-CBN pulled no stops in marketing Pinoy Dream Academy. GMA 7 meanwhile, can use Mau to rival the Birit Champions of ABS CBN.

We wish Maureen Marcelo, the first ever Philippine Idol the best of luck. Be it on ABS CBN or GMA, we hope Mau will be successful in her singing career.


  1. all i know is that i can't wait for mau's first album! i'm sure paliligayahin na naman nya kaming mga maureenians :)

  2. Oo nga. Mau sings really beautifully. I do hope to catch some of the action of the other finalists. Stay tuned dito sa blog ko for more updates and interesting articles. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi! I hope you'll come up with more updates about our Idols. I am happy Mau has released her much-awaited CD. I'm also glad Gian is with SOP. But I really want to know the latest on Jan Nieto. Maka-Jan kasi ako, hehehe!

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